Browser Compatibility

If you are using an older browser and experiencing loss of functionality, you may like to consider upgrading to a later version of your browser.
(This will also aid your internet experience when viewing other websites!)

You can upgrade your browser for free at the following sites:

Microsoft Internet Explorer for PC
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac
Netscape for PC and Mac
Opera for PC and Mac
Mozilla for PC and Mac - if you're feeling geeky!

Screen Resolution

Our site, like most others, is best viewed with monitors running at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or higher. If you find it difficult to see the full width of web pages, we suggest that you increase your screen resolution:

PC screen resolutions

Right mouse click on your desktop (screen background with no programs running) and select "properties". This will open up a box with your screen properties (including your monitor/video adapter resolution capabilities). Select the "settings" tab and choose '1024 x 768' or '800 x 600' . After this selection click 'apply'. Your computer may ask you to restart your machine. The latest video cards and monitors can make these changes without restarting.

Macintosh screen resolutions

Click the Apple menu (top left of screen) and select Control Panels. Double click the Control Panel 'Monitors & Sound' (if you are using System 7.5 or earlier, you will need to double click the Control Panel 'Screen'). Click the 'Monitor' button. Your current resolution will be displayed on the right of the Control Panel window. Select '1024 x 768' or '800 x 600'. Close the Control Panel 'Monitors & Sound'. Your new settings will automatically be updated.